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Core Values and Culinary Philosophy

Our restaurant’s philosophy includes healthy cooking techniques like baking, grilling, and sautéing, made with only farm-fresh and clean ingredients. That means no preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics, with plenty of vegetarian and halal options to make everyone feel welcome. We put the following values into every meal we make:

Friendly Customer Service Integrity Safety
Initiative and Continuous Learning Respect Teamwork

How our meal plan works

Step 1: Choose a plan that fits your food take out routines.
  -For example: 16 meals per month can be consumed weekly at a pace of 4 meals per week

Step 2: Pay for your plan by clicking on the Place Your Order button.
  -Ignore the prompt for picking a time for the order by picking anytime.

Step 4: The Caribbean Delicacies will send you a welcoming email after placing your order. The email will include instructions on how to order.

Step 5: Pick your meals or have them delivered. Meals can be picked up weekly at your own pace.

Step 6: Enjoy fresh, clean, and flavorful meals weekly.